Drilling Rigs Equipment Inspetion Services

Drilling Rigs Inspection Services

ITCo. is Saudi Aramco Approved CNDT Service Provider , We are Authorized to Perform  CAT III / CAT IV Inspections for all Drilling Equipment and Handling Tools on all Saudi Aramco Rigs around the Kingdom.

Rig inspections, also known as rig audits, are conducted on drilling assets for both drilling contractors and drilling operators to assess the condition of an asset.

Inspections are conducted to industry standards, such as API, as well as to specific client requirements. Rig-commissioning services involve ensuring that rig machinery and equipment are functioning properly and are in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Our inspection services can reduce downtime and save money by improving the reliability, safety and environmental impacts of your drilling programs.

Our rig inspection services can help you optimize your drilling rig or provide you with an in-depth indication of the technical state of the drilling rig you intend to hire.

Rig inspection, auditing and commissioning reports are available for viewing at any time via our dedicated online reporting portal. The detailed reports include categorised observations and recommendations (critical, major and minor) that help clients to prioritise corrective measures required. The rig-inspection reports also detail the rig’s operational status or readiness, depending on the nature of the inspection.

Our inspection services cover :

Full rig condition survey
Tubular handling equipment and related items
Dropped-objects survey
Main & Auxiliary equipment
Rig Acceptance & Safety Surveys
Reviewing of certification, ensuring conformance on critical well control and drilling equipment
Reviewing of certification, ensuring conformance on critical well control and drilling equipment
Cranes & Hoisting Systems
Well control equipment
Marine and Safety equipment
Reviewing of NDT reports and lifting databases
Reviewing of past Inspection Survey and updates on status of action items

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