Dropped Objects Survey Services

Dropped Objects Survey Services

Dropped objects remain one of the leading incidents in the oil industry today and having the right solution in place to help mitigate these is a crucial part of maintaining a safe working environment.

Dropped objects remain a leading threat to personnel and operations and ensuring an expert solution is in place to mitigate a rig or platform against potential Dropped Objects is a big step in ensuring the safety of crew members.

Dropped objects surveys will highlight static drops, but there has to also be a commitment to rectify any problem areas found and ensure the risks are removed, not just documented.

ITCo. Can Provide The Following Dropped Objects Survey Services :

Crown block and water table inspection.
Travelling block and associated equipment inspection.
Monkey and Stabbing board inspection.
Mast structure and Drill floor inspection.
Substructure and BOP area inspection
Mast peripheral and ancillary rig equipment inspection.
Full rig surveys.
Detailed pictorial reporting of all findings.

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