Lifting Equipment Inspetion Services

Lifting Equipment Inspetion Services

Lifting Equipment inspection is a detailed visual and operational inspection whereby individual lifting Equipment items are examined to ensure their integrity and ongoing safe operation for lifting operations.

Lifting Equipment inspections are performed on a regular basis depending on the standards and specifications of the equipment and its usage. Generally 6 monthly inspection is used as the guideline.

Crane Inspection is performed as often as quarterly or/and semi-annual based on the service requirements.

ITCo. has the capability to inspect all fixed and loose lifting Equipment types and providing the following related services:

All crane types including: Mobile, Gantry, Tower, Offshore Pedestal, Jib, Overhead Cranes and Hoists.
All loose lifting tackle (slings, shackles, webbing …..etc.)
All lifting machines (chain blocks, lever hoists, pulling machines etc.)
Baskets, containers, skips, gas racks and lifting frames
Air winches, tuggers and other similar units
Padeyes, Runway beams, Swing jibs
Lifeboat and life raft davit/deployment systems
Perform load test inspections compliant with international standards and codes.
Earth Moving Equipment Inspection
Test Weights / Water Bags Rental
Lifting Operations Rigging and Planning
Lifting / Rigging Training Courses

The main NDT inspection techniques used for lifting gear inspections are:

  • Eddy Current Testing
  • UTM
  • Close Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Bolt Testing
  • Others As Required

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