Rope Access Inspections

Rope Access Inspections

Rope access is typically used as an alternative to traditional access solutions such as scaffolding, MEWPs, etc. Rope access is also invaluable in situations where traditional access solutions are not viable.

ITCo. utilises traditional rope-access techniques. Access-related issues are seen as excellent opportunities to work with our clients to reach suitable, safe and effective access solutions.

We also provide a full package of related industrial services, including non-destructive testing (NDT); fabric maintenance; mechanical, rigging and lifting services; and Lifting Equipment inspections.

ITCo. provides its clients with a safe, cost-effective service, completing projects to the highest of standards. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within a wide range of industrial sectors and hold numerous accreditations, from safety to management-system standards.

ITCo. Can Provide The Following Rope Access Activities :

Conventional and Advanced NDT Activities.

Lifting Equipment Inspection.
Derrick & Dropped Objects Surveys.
Paint Inspection.
Bolt Torque Inspections.
Mechanical installation & Welding Fabrication.
Electrical Installation and Maintenance – By EX-Certified personnel.
Coating Removal & Application.
High Pressure Water Blasting.
Flare Boom Maintenance.

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