Advanced NDT Services

Advanced NDT Services

ITCo. can provide wide range of  Advanced NDT Services as follow :

Automated Ultrasonic Testing – (AUT)
Time of Flight Diffraction – (TOFD)
Ultrasonic Phased Array – (PAUT)
Long Range Guided Wave – (LRUT)
Internal Rotary Inspection System – (IRIS)
Eddy Current Testing – (ECT)
Pulsed Eddy Current – (PEC)
Remote Field Eddy Current – (RFEC)
Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection – (MFL)
Digital & Computed Radiography – (CR)
Small Controlled Area Radiography – (SCAR)
Long Range Pipeline Inspection
Small Proximity Radiography Exposure (SPRE)
Acoustic Emission
Remote Videoscopy Inspection

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